LaserWar Weapons and Tactics

Network of Serbia

Together within one network, we cooperate, help each other and work on the promotion of LaserTag in Serbia!

Photo: Awarding certificates to clients of "Rebellis doo"
certificate frame mockup


In cooperation with LASERWAR LLC from Russia as the holder of the LaserWar brand and the leading manufacturer of LaserWar equipment in the world, we award an official certificate confirming LaserWar Network membership and affiliation to each of our clients regarding the purchase of equipment, as well as to all those who express a desire to cooperate with us. LaserWar Network of Serbia is a set of CyberTag, LaserTag and LaserWar clubs, companies, friends and partners in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, whose activities are mainly focused on the organization of the game LaserTag. Each member of the LaserWar network of Serbia, guided by common interests based on LaserTag activities as a form of entertainment and recreation has the opportunity to participate in exchanging experiences and implementing joint activities and projects to improve LaserTag game and increase awareness of the game and LaserWar brand. The members of this network are in direct communication, which enables quick answering of questions and problem solving, planning of joint activities as well as mutual support.