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You've probably only heard of LaserTag, a popular game for teenagers indoors. Usually these are birthday parties and are often intended for younger children only. Also, you must have heard, and probably tried, popular extreme sports such as Airsoft and Paintball. If yes, then you know what it is about. Now is the time to try something new, we are introducing LaserWar!

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Brand new technology and latest generation equipment have made everything possible! It is a LaserWar equipment that was available exclusively to the police and the military and is used for advanced training and practicing tactics and skills, mostly special units. The popular label "MILSIM" which stands for "Military Simulation", confirms that it is ideal for war simulations and realistic combat experience. LaserWar equipment is a professional prop for training tactical and military situations. A complex system of weapons, techniques and accessories, together make the perfect combination for an ultra-realistic and modern experience. Using the equipment, with LaserWar you also practice tactical movement around the field, tactical skills and physical and fitness skills. In terms of equipment and performance, all conditions of a real war conflict are there.

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LaserWar Functionality

Weapons "fire" long-range infrared rays that hit other players. The range of infrared rays depends on the model, moving up to an incredible 500 meters. Infrared rays are very easy to transmit in all terrains, and the only thing that can get in the way of IF rays is of course a solid obstacle. Infrared rays are continuously transmitted in dense forests through leaves, shrubs and shrubs. Each user also has special sensors that collect infrared rays, that detect a hit. It is a well calibrated equipment with high precision, so the user has to use all the means and systems in order for the hit to be successful. In-game instructors have a laptop that collects statistics in real time so that after each round, each player can see the ammunition usage efficiency, number of hits, who hit who, total score and other statistics.

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Principle of Work

Each player has their own weapon and depending on the model they have a certain amount of ammunition. Bullets are in the form of IF rays. After using ammunition from the batch, repetition is carried out as on the original. Weapons can fire individually or in aburst, which is the user's choice and depends on the model. When the IF beam hits another player, the sensors on the affected player detect the hit, and the feedback hits both players. We also have special MEDIC kits for field doctors who are tasked for wounding or recovering health points or trying to save those who have died. It is also possible to disable the weapon itself. Damage can be seen in temporary damage or complete blockage. The principle of operation of LaserWar equipment is reflected in a coherent and electronically connected system that allows players to focus on play, fun and tactics, and everything else is electronics responsibility. A very realistic working principle!

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LaserWar Anti-Cheat

LaserWar is opted for by a special anti-cheat system that prevents any fraud or ignoring the hit. Electronics keeps a close eye on the rules and makes LaserWar the first in fair play combat. When hitting a player, there is a mutual feedback. The firing player receives a light signal from the affected player's sensor that hit him, while the affected player receives feedback in the form of audible signal from a clear and loud speaker on his weapon, as well as a signal in the form of strong vibrations on the sensors that player feels. The injured player lights up a few times, while the killed player is constantly illuminated and thus it is always possible to know who is out of the game and who is not. The best thing about it is that when a player is killed, his rifle is automatically turn off and can no longer be used until it is reseted or until a doctor revives it with a special medic system.

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LaserWar Weapons

We have weapons and equipment that have the highest degree of identity compared to real models of weapons. In terms of appearance, weight, composition, material each rifle is like the original. Each rifle is made of metal and polymer, and weighs from 2 to 6 kg. The weapon has a jerk-in built-in device and an ultra-loud speaker that delivers very convincing sound. It is very important to point out the professional optical systems we have that are an integral part of the rifle. Also, there are imitations of sound of fire or effects of fire when a bullet comes out of a tube. That way, if you play on dark terrain you will certainly be able to notice where the shot was fired and where anyone hid. In our arsenal of weapons, we have everything from sniper rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, pistols and LaserWar knives, as well as LaserWar grenades and special portable bombs.

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ULTRA Realistic

In LaserWar, the trajectory of the bullet, or in this case the infrared rays, is perpendicular with a certain degree of dispersion. This literally means that the "bullet" will hit where you are aiming. Another very important feature is speed, and perhaps most important one. Infrared rays allow them to reach their target very quickly like a real bullet. This means that at such small distances as up to 200-400 meters, you will have the same effect and speed of shot as firing a real weapon. Therefore, the moment you hit the trigger you hit the target, while on the move or not. Combining these characteristics, speed and precision, we get very realistic conditions, but also extremely difficult to survive. It is very similar to a real war conflict, that is why adrenaline is at its maximum.

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Safe And Secure

LaserWar uses very safe equipment! Infrared rays are 100% safe both for human health and for the environment. All equipment has been tested and has the relevant CE and other internationally recognized certificates. It is important to say that there are no balls and there is nothing that can hit you and cause you physical harm. Therefore, the use of LaserWar equipment does not require any protective equipment, such as body armor, helmets, protective glasses and anything else. All accessories are user’s choice and are mainly used in combat simulations to fulfill all details of a real war. For this reason, our equipment is ideal for both children, women and all those who want to have fun without thinking about the possible consequences of the game. The equipment is also 100% Eco Friendly!

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For ALL Ages

We come to the conclusion that LaserWar can be played by everyone, from children to adults in a wide range of different scenarios and games. LaserWar is ideal as described above for true fans of "MILSIM" scenarios, military and war simulations, extreme sports and great amount of adrenaline. But also for classic entertainment in the form of birthday parties and team building. You or your children will spend some quality time outdoors, with 2 hours of continuous training. This puts LaserWar in the top 5 places for healthy outdoor activities. Instead of celebrating birthdays in stuffy and dark caffes and playgrounds, LaserWar is the perfect solution for your kids to get a physical activity, health and fun, besides celebrating their birthday. LaserWar is safe for anyone!

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Laserwar Field

The biggest advantage of LaserWar besides all the technology and equipment, is that it doesn’t require special terrain. Since it does not use balls and doesn’t make risk to other people in the environment such as bystanders, passers-by, etc. LaserWar is 100% Eco-Friendly, leaving no trace in nature and it can be played anywhere you want! This means that according to the scenario and your wishes, you choose the location and size of the terrain. LaserWar professional players often have entire woodlands out there to simulate specific Black Ops missions, while on the other hand, birthday parties can be at your local park, neighborhood. We bring you the equipment and our instructors will be with you all the time to explain everything you need to know. If you don’t have the terrain, that's no problem. We can give you suggestions and tips on where to play.

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