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House of Horror



LASERWAR from now on in AdaMall in Belgrade! Together with our partners and friends from we bring you a completely new experience! The only House of Horrors on the Balkans has opened in AdaMall, and this unforgettable experience for every visitor, will be made complete, together with professional actors and special effects, by LASERWAR equipment and our team of instructors.

House of Horrors, Escape room and LaserTag combined in a unique ambient of a zombie apocalypse, serial killers and your biggest fears. For the first time ever, visitors will be able to face the dangers of the labyrinth with LaserWar equipment, their only goal to make it out of it alive. You may expect many scenarios and entertainment that has never been seen before.

Aside from everyday visits, special offers will be made available for birthday celebrations, team building and other events alike. Apart from our partners' offer, you can check the rest of our own offers and equipment here.

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You enter an atmosphere of fear, adrenaline and tension! You pick up your weapons and face your biggest fears. On every corner, or perhaps the room next door, there could be a killer, a zombie or something worse. As you slowly walk down the hallways in utter dark, thanks to the special effects and many secrets of the labyrinth, your heart starts racing and pounding and fear creeps up your spine.

Do you think you can overcome your terror and survive the dangers of the labyrinth? We challenge you to try!

The goal of this scenario is to make it out alive! That is right, you can get killed in the labyrinth. Of course, it is only a simulation, thanks to the many special LASERWAR devices and weapons. When you are attacked with a knife by a murderer, or a zombie, or the effects of radiation start to get to you, the special sensors you carry light up and you lose your health points. You must not lose them all.

Who will kill first? Don’t forget, you have a weapon! If you shoot the danger first, you will save yourself from losing health. There are a lot of dangers, but also things put there simply to scare you, so do not waste your ammunition on every movement and sound, you will quickly be left without it, to deal with the perils all on your own.

Only the bravest will pass through the labyrinth and leave through the back exit alive. Everyone else goes back to where they entered the labyrinth and the rest of it remains a mystery until their next time.

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Have you seen the popular show The Walking Dead? We certainly believe you have seen a movie or a show with a zombies theme at least once. You must have asked yourselves what is it like being surrounded by zombies that are hunting you through dark abandoned hallways?

You shoot, you kill, but they keep on coming, rising again from the dead.

From now on, this very experience is available to you with LASERWAR equipment. You enter the labyrinth, arm yourself and head towards the exit… On your way to it you will face fear and adrenaline you have not felt before and the special secrets of the labyrinth.

Zombie contagion is spreading! If you allow a zombie to come close, it will take away your health points, and if you lose all health points, you become a zombie yourself. Don't forget that there are two of you and that you are armed. If you manage to overcome your fear, which we intend on making very difficult, you might just come out of the labyrinth victorious.

However, if you fail, you continue to roam the labyrinth as a living dead! Although, the dangers do not end there and the fear continues!

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Very intense and dangerous scenario! The two of you are FBI agents with no time to wait for backup. Armed, you enter the dark hallways of the basement in an abandoned building in search of a serial killer. There is a lot of racket, creaking noises, sounds of screaming victims, blood and other special effects. This serial killer is a psychopath, who is also armed. The labyrinth is huge and he could be anywhere.

Have we mentioned that in this scenario the lights are completely turned off? It is so dark you cannot see your hand in front of your face! Apart from weapons, you are also given a little strobe light, which will only increase the tension, since it lights up the gory details you flashed the light to, but the danger can lurk in the dark right next to it.

Terrifying scenes of a massacre and similarly revolting details.

Psst! The killer will hear you! Due to the special sensors which you are wearing, if the killer finds you, or you run at him while he is slaughtering his newest victim, if you are not quick enough, you will become his next victim.

You are armed with faithful replicas of Beretta 92, which are made out of metal, the model in question is often used by police forces around the world. With LASERWAR the sense of realness is at the highest level, it is almost as an actual weapon! Every visit has its own scenario and it changes each time, the killer is constantly …..

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An accidental glance through the window on a rainy afternoon, you discovered that your peaceful and friendly neighbour hides some dark secrets in his basement. You connected the dots and realised that he is the person who has been abducting women in your town, driving terror into the citizens for the past few months. You try calling the police but there is no signal due to the bad weather. You arm yourself with your own weapon and decide to act on your own to save the victim before it is too late.

You enter the cellar in secret, realising it is much bigger than you previously thought. As it is in all classical horror movies the light in the cellar is out. With a little flashlight as your only light source, you head down through the labyrinth of hallways and spooky rooms of the vast cellar. Your mission is to save the girl that was abducted and together make it out of the cellar alive. Will you be successful?

You are the rescuer here. That’s right, apart from your own life, you are responsible for the life Of the girl you saved, and she is not armed. You have to get her out!

Again, due to the special sensor you and the girl are carrying, your friendly neighbour can shoot you during the gunfight. Every hit costs health points and if you lose all of them, you are dead. Do not forget, if you don’t protect the girl she will get killed before you do.

Danger, adrenaline, fear, tactics ...


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